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Write at Sea

Posted: January 15th, 2010, 1:14 am
by JuliaHunter
Before I started learning the craft of fiction writing, all my vacations were geared toward the outdoors. Whether fishing or flying my little Cessna, it’s where I felt the most creative and content. Then a couple years ago I drank the Kool-aid at a writers’ conference and all my writing-related vacations have been at indoor venues ever since.


I wanted out. Not out of the writing business, but out of the hotels. I needed to see sun, feel the breeze, let my muse flow. I wanted to continue improving my writing skills yet rejuvenate and feel like I’d had a vacation.

This was the inspiration for Write at Sea, where authors can attend immersion retreats and Master classes on a luxury cruise line (that actually costs less than a hotel and meals).

For 2010, NY Times bestselling author Dianna Love and award-winning author Mary Buckham will host the debut cruise departing out of LA with their wildly popular Break Into Fiction plotting retreat, their only open-seating retreat for the year.

Write at Sea is already finalizing the 2011 schedule, which will add a Deep Editing Power Master Class with Margie Lawson.

As a thank you, if Nathan chooses to use this as a guest blog, I will donate a Write at Sea package, to include a Master Class AND cruise, on Brenda Novak’s May 2010 auction to support juvenile diabetes.

Here’s to a great 2010!

Julia Hunter

I'd love feedback, especially about any speakers or programs you'd recommend for future Write at Sea cruises!
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