Help for the OCD, Computer "not-so-literate" Writer

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Help for the OCD, Computer "not-so-literate" Writer

Post by Emily White » January 14th, 2010, 7:01 pm

There's probably not a high percentage of people who don't at least know how to operate a mouse and a keyboard, but there are still many of us who look at that shiny little screen with a bit of apprehension. We are the computer "not-so-literate." Add to that a perverse compulsion to edit and re-edit every single post, email, comment, etc. that leaves your fingertips to rest on that shiny little screen, and you've got a problem.

I say "you," but I really mean me. But I certainly can't be alone! Can I? There's got to be at least one other author in this vast world who also has a bit of the OCD when it comes to anything they've written traveling through the world wide web and finding a permanent home somewhere for other eyes to see. Anyone? Anyone? Beuler?

Okay, well let's just assume that there are others like me. And let me tell you, my friend, I know how you feel. You enter a new community with the timidity (but somehow strange confidence) of a child. You've just come from your last community finally having mastered all their little smilies, links, and doodads. So now, here you are feeling like you can finally have a presentable signature, one that will make all other members green with jealousy. But alas, you are a computer "not-so-literate," and no two communities are exactly the same. With ever-growing wariness, you look at all your options and realize you are 100% lost. You fumble your way around, trying this and trying that, but you're left with a signature line to send everyone to your wonderful blog, but it fails to link. And then you scream, "WHYYYYYY?????" And of course, anyone nearby looks at you like you're crazy while they discreetly scoot away.

And yes, I speak from experience. Lots and lots of experience. But where does the OCD come in? you ask me. Well, maybe it isn't OCD. Maybe it's just perfectionism. But whatever it is, you do it because though you may be computer "not-so-literate," you still want to come across as halfway intelligent. Right? It's bad enough that your signature line won't link, you don't want to be further accused of misspelling teh. But it happens. I assure you that though I've read over this post at least twenty times, there is at least one thing that I missed. And that's okay. You can breath. Because it's not the end of the world. People won't condemn you if you miss a comma, misspell a word, or even create your own word because you couldn't remember the real one. After all, it's only an email, a post, or a comment. Feeling better? Good. Now get out there and worry about your novel!

God help you if you mess up on your query, though.
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Re: Help for the OCD, Computer "not-so-literate" Writer

Post by emilycross » January 14th, 2010, 7:13 pm

LOL, have you ever posted on absolutewrite? I'm not one for being a perfectionist (not by anyones standards) but i'm always super concious over there!

Great post, I think we've all been the newbie and have felt this way :)

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