How many of you belong to non-web critique groups?

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Re: How many of you belong to non-web critique groups?

Post by Tricia » January 7th, 2010, 12:54 pm

I found my critique group through a Facebook friend from high school. We'd been out of touch for years, found out we lived like 10 miles from each other. She had a writing group and asked me to join. Each month a different person is in charge of coming up with the writing assignment. We have to email everyone a copy of what we wrote a few day before the next meeting. Everyone comes with a printed copy of each critiqued assignment. We discuss each persons work, then give our copy to the writer it belongs to, so they can make the changes they choose. We also have a 5 min. writing prompt, read what we wrote, and end. Some people stay and chat afterwards. We meet for one hour each month. It has worked a lot better for me then my online groups. Often groups meet at the library or Barnes and Noble. Good luck.

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Re: How many of you belong to non-web critique groups?

Post by mrswritebrain » January 14th, 2010, 8:06 pm

Wow, after reading the above I need to recount my blessings. I recently joined a crit group with about 6 members. They were very kind to me, first complimentary, then constructive, like crit rules state. And then they turned to each other's work. It was incredible.

Let me state that most of these members are published, some in areas other than kids' lit., and they know their stuff. They didn't waste any time with undue praise. They were reading their pieces, then saying (and I quote), "Go ahead, rip it apart, I can take it.") They have been together for years, know they love each other, and respect each other's advice. I'll need to thicken my skin, but I know I'll get honesty in criticism as well as praise.


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