I have a problem with a reason for my character to do something?

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I have a problem with a reason for my character to do something?

Post by thismaybeyourend » November 26th, 2017, 8:32 pm

So my character named Josie has to help a man named Ben with his rebellion of the city Marcis controlled by a pope like figure named Scott.
Josie actually comes from a parallel world and is in search for her mother who she doesn't know who but was told by a friend. Before getting to the world she had a device that let her travel the dimensions but it short circuited and sent her on a journey through a plane of existence outside time and space. and now landed in Marcis. As she was found by Ben and his men who were going to kill her but Josie said that she can help him in his rebellion that she just blurted out because she doesn't know what Ben needs help with but she does know because while being in the plane she saw every world and future and past and knows that she will help him. Its just the universe doing its job.

What my problem is what could be the thing Ben needs help with.

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