New Editions- regulations??

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New Editions- regulations??

Post by WhaleSongDan » April 15th, 2018, 5:44 am

Hi I'm new to this forum, pleased to 'meet' you all!
I recently put my first novel The Whale Song Blues onto amazon under my own ISBN. However, typically, once it was uploaded I couldn't resist looking at the original manuscript again and I decided that I wanted to change it slightly. I have now added about 200 words and I've also changed the layout of a chapter. I now believe that because these aren't minor changes I have to put it up again under a new ISBN as a New Edition. For your info, this is a work of fiction. The problem I face is that I love the front cover just as it is and don't want to put 'New Edition' on it. Can I get away with simply putting new edition on the copyright page or does it have to be on the front cover? Does anybody know what the rules or regulations are regarding this. Thanks.

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