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Re: Research Help - New York 1900's / Canada - Current

Post by GeeGee55 » May 3rd, 2010, 9:20 pm

You are talking about a road trip of 2,669 km. Surely there is something of interest. Depends what kind of attractions interest you, how about any of the national parks or provincial parks for nature experiences. Eg: Cypress Hills Provincial Park in Saskatchewan - lodge pole pine, moose, wild turkeys, cougars. Or rodeos.- Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede. Cultural events in the cities- jazz festivals, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. Legislative Building tours, government houses. Science Center in Regina, Sk. Redneck bars in every little town - lol. Oil rigs. Pump jacks. Will you swing south into the U.S. for a way and then back up into Canada.

Here's a unique festival held by a small town. The Lancer Chokecherry Fesitval - the day starts with pancakes topped with chokecherry syrup, then anyone wishing to goes goose hunting. There's a prize for the largest. Then a supper/dance in the evening with Chokecherry wine on the beverage list.

Yeah, the landscape is flat with a big sky, but there are nuances. Do I sound a little defensive here? I'm a praire girl.

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Re: Research Help - New York 1900's / Canada - Current

Post by Serzen » May 3rd, 2010, 11:19 pm

Quill wrote:Serzen, in what part of Upstate NY are you located. My old stomping grounds, the Finger Lakes area, is loaded with tourist attractions: wineries, waterfalls, antiques shops...
Not TOO far from the Finger Lakes...I can get to Cayuga Lake in less than an hour. A good friend of mine is a vineyard manager and I know a handful of winemakers; also, I'm only too familiar with the antique shops (another friend) and waterfalls/woods to hike in. Watkins Glen is amazing. My point, nonetheless, was that if you get more than about 15 minutes from one of the lakes (or rivers, or gorges), it's going to be farmland. Very, very old farmland. Otherwise, trees. Really big, old trees. And rocks, and hills. The foothills here have been here since North America split from Africa, fourteen gazillion years ago.

It's old, and incomparably beautiful, land, and the reason I moved back here (I grew up 30 miles from where I live now, moved away 16 years ago, back for 11 years), but for too many people, even people who live here, it's just farms and rocks and hills. I wouldn't have it any other way. The only place I like better is the St. Lawrence River, but I still am in love with central NY.

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