Does anyone write humor?

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Re: Does anyone write humor?

Post by Terry » January 7th, 2010, 2:11 pm

I write some humor in my WIP, which is a murder mystery, so, it can't be all humor, people are getting killed after all.

Also, I will be writing some in my blog. It's part of my personality. The Class Clown syndrome.

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Re: Does anyone write humor?

Post by kelly.morgan » January 7th, 2010, 3:28 pm

I'm not so good at humor except in small doses scattered throughout. I think I get maybe 3 or 4 bursts of funny and that's it. I tend to be dry.

I do enjoy humorous novels; Katie MacAlister applies humor liberally in her fantasy novels and cracks me up all the time. When I try it, I feel like I'm overreaching.

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Re: Does anyone write humor?

Post by mrswritebrain » January 14th, 2010, 6:51 pm

I'm in the midst of a humorous MG novel. There are very serious moments, but they don't last long. The magazine stories I've sold have had at least a touch of humor, even if they're adventure. I just can't seem to keep from slipping in something to ease the tension.

I don't really have a process, I just let the characters talk. I've found when I try too hard to turn a funny phrase, it flops. I set things aside for awhile, go back and read, and if I still laugh, I know it's funny. If my KIDS laugh, I know I've scored.

I once heard Jerry Spinelli do a workshop on humor. He read a hilarious passage from SPACE STATION SEVENTH GRADE. He was totally deadpan, and asked us why we were laughing. (The passage was two boys discussing their ah . . . "progression" through puberty.) The general consensus was that it was just so "real." It sounded exactly like two boys talking about a very sensitive topic in a very candid way. So I guess the funniest things are found in the mundane. (Ever hear of Brian Regan?)


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Re: Does anyone write humor?

Post by SallyKetchum » January 14th, 2010, 7:02 pm

casnow wrote:I was curious if anyone on here writes humorous novels (i.e., a Chris Moore, a Carl Hiassen)? Those are my favorite books to read, and I've gotten about 15k words into writing one, and I've got to say it is HARD!!! I find myself experimenting with two things. One, writing the basic story and dialogue in normal terms, and then going back and funnifying it. The other method is to try and be funny right off the bat, but that seems to be a lot harder for me.

Anyone else ever try in this genre?

YES! I DO... have writtien humorous columns for 13 years. Now Ihave a cross genre book in progress, out to agents. HUMOR/DIET.
Yes, like Carl Hiassen, but less blood. POUNDS, DOWN: The Odyssey of Diet Hero and his dog, Pounds. I have never, ever, been happier writing. And, the book, in proposal already has backing. I tried to set up a HUMOR group on Author Advance. Bellylaughs.
Got several neat replies, but most of us cannot navigate their page. Been working with me at my address: I am an old pro and a funny lady. Keep writing laughter. Sally Ketchum

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