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Off the Starting Line

Post by longknife » June 10th, 2014, 3:59 pm

Well, Book III is in the can at the publisher and I'm just waiting for the proof copy to give the go ahead to publish.

So, it's off on the journey I've anticipated for several months now - the sage of a true hero of Mexico - and California.

Months and months of research. Completely trashing 88k words of a story I discovered to be lacking and filled with errors.

Leatherjacket Soldier, the life and history of Fernando de Rivera y Moncado. Born a second-class Spaniard in Nueva España, he journeys to the wasteland of Antigua California to join their effort in securing the land for the king. Starting as a common soldier, he strives to do his best and becomes the captain and chief judge of the territory. Then, even have been passed over several times due to his birth, he becomes governor of Nueva California during the time when Franciscan create their chain of missions. But, yet again, he is replace by another of "acceptable" birth, never once forgetting his duties and obligations as a soldier. In trying to provide settlers for the expansion of The City of the Queen of the Angels he is slaughtered by Indians in the site of present day Yuma - fighting alongside his soldiers and friars.

20k words done and I've barely scratched the surface. Clearly going to be 200,000 words plus.
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