turn off the Adobe Photo downloader

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Re: turn off the Adobe Photo downloader

Post by polymath » May 27th, 2014, 7:03 pm

I know what to do in Windows but not Apple operating systems. The simple fix is to change the file association protocols for "opens with." I have a number of picture softwares, each installs to grab all file associations each program works with, so I change the file association to none or one that I want to associate with. Same happens with browsers and wordprocessors. Maybe your uncle can fix the issue that way. That's easiest.

Another possibility is to change the action parameters for flash drive (external drive) reading upon connection. Another option I choose as I see fit. Do not read, I prefer. Just recgonize the plug-in drive and let me explore its directory at my convenience. Thank you.

More complicated is changing the program preferences settings, which I don't know. I haven't worked with Photo Shop in awhile. Another advanced method is to change the system registry entry for the program, that is problematic and a highly advanced method, though.
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