Technology - i-pad neck

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Technology - i-pad neck

Post by bcomet » January 11th, 2014, 7:04 pm

I just noticed that there isn't a place on the index here on technology. I think it would be helpful.

Anyway, here is my question:

My husband and I bought ourselves our first i-pad mini this Christmas and we LOVE it!!! However, in less than a week, I have come down with a case of something called "i-pad neck." It is absolutely brutal, something akin to a pinched nerve in the neck and another one in my shoulder. I've been on pain meds, the pain is THAT hideous and unable to drive or sit comfortably or do much of anything for a week now and it's not over yet.

I didn't relate it to the i-pad until this morning when I started reading NPR on the i-pad, when my slightly getting better neck went ballistic and my neck nerve endings just shot daggers through me. Then I googled it and, yep, it's real.

What I am wondering is if anyone here knows about the best best best devices for stands or keyboards, etc. that will allow me to use this -otherwise- very cool new tech tool/toy?


(Also, what are the best apps for buying and reading books? I'm still a little lost figuring that out as this is my first e-book reader I've ever had.)

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