Greetings from the Pearl of the Orient

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Greetings from the Pearl of the Orient

Post by arvales12 » June 8th, 2012, 1:13 pm

Hi! Josh here but will go by the name Arvales/Arvales12

So, I don't know anyone yet here so I'm kinda introducing myself to know somebody. I came from the Pearl of the Orient, to save you the search button, I'm from the Philippines and I am an aspiring writer. I'm thinking my first literary work will fall in the category of Fantasy Novel and I'm nearing to it's completion. I am a 3rd College Student, studying bachelor of Arts in Hotel and Restaurant Management(I know, I know, I'm pretty off course on my course but, heh, I don't care)

So yeah, I don't know anything to write anymore. So if anyone has a question that wants to be pop, feel free... :D


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