Just a freindly warning!

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Just a freindly warning!

Post by washingtonwriter1968 » August 4th, 2011, 12:16 am

I just wanted to warn people here about the Google Redirect virus!
How To Remove Google Redirect Virus

The Google Redirect Virus is a very harmful program (browser hijacker) uploaded to the Internet by cyber criminals to hijack online web browsers and manipulate result links in search engines such as Google.com, Yahoo.com, Bing.com, Ask.com and Search.Aol.com. The "Google redirect virus" is actually a combination of several very malicious malware threats called TDL-4 rootkit (modifiaction of former TDL3) also known as Alureon or TDSS trojan virus. The rootkit is designed to infiltrate Microsoft Windows and Mac OS platform computer systems. Once inside a compromised computer, it will modify critical Internet settings and various other system components to perform its malicious redirecting functions.

The Google redirect virus has the capability to hijack and redirect almost any web browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. The search engine redirecting virus is usually spread via free software downloads, video codecs and file sharing applications. It is also known to infect Internet users through fake update notifications and bogus virus alerts activated by malicious drive-by-download scripts installed onto hacked or malicious websites.

Removal of the Google redirect virus is especially difficult though it can hide from regular antivirus detection by injecting itself into running memory processes and adding/deleting entries and values inside the registry, HOSTS file and DNS. It may also block the hijacked browser from visiting certain security related websites and downloading malware removal applications. That is the reason why most Anti-virus and Anti-spyware applications fail to detect and remove this irritating search hijacker. The main purpose behind the malicious redirection is to gain hackers financial benefits by forcing unaware search engine users to visit websites containing spam advertisements and malware.

Besides that the Google redirect virus is extremely annoying it may also pose a serious threat to your privacy by stealing private information such as passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data stored on your computer. It may also delete crucial system files and significantly degrade your browser and system performance.

We strongly recommend you to perform a free antivirus scan with one of the following antivirus applications and remove Google redirect virus and realted rootkit infections as soon as detected.

Google redirect virus Removal with Stopzilla Antivirus
(Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

Google redirect virus removal with BitDefender Total Security
(Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7)

Google redirect virus removal with Spyware Doctor Antivirus
(XP SP2+ 32bit, Vista SP1+ 32bit/64bit, Windows 7 32bit/64bit)

Google redirect virus removal with Webroot Spy Sweeper
(Windows 7 SP1 32/64 bit, Vista SP1, SP2 32/64 bit, XP SP2, SP3 32 bit)

Further symptoms of Google redirect virus may include:

Frequent Windows freezes
Slow computer and browser speed
Blue screen of death and system shot-downs
Issues with the Internet connection
Unknown pop up advertisements
Fake update notifications and virus alerts
Browser opening unknown pages (hijacked home page and search page)
If you are experincing Google search redirect virus download Free Virus scanner and remove the malicious redirect in less than 3 minutes!
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