Looking for a citique partner

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Looking for a citique partner

Post by mmadj » May 14th, 2020, 5:22 pm


My name Maude and I seek writers to exchange sections from ongoing literary manuscripts. While my particular emphasis is creative nonfiction (I am finishing up the first draft of a family memoir), I am very open to working with people who do fiction as well.

The most important thing is that anyone with whom I partner needs to be serious and willing to offer fair, tough-minded critiques for the same from me. I currently have two beta readers and they have both been quite encouraging. But the agent who has expressed interest in my MS is very demanding, and I want to give her nothing but the best that I can offer.

As for my work: it's about the relationship I had with my immigrant parents – and in particular my father – and the way that relationship has haunted me – sometimes very destructive ways – throughout my life.

I am a wide reader of all sorts of writing and have published both CNF and poetry in a number of literary journals. I'm also a professional critic with Kirkus who has reviewed primarily in the areas of memoir, biography and history. You can find my website at: austinwritinglife.net.

If you're interested in doing critiques, you can email me at: mmadjarian@gmail.com.

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