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New Member Intro

Posted: October 11th, 2018, 1:38 pm
by MastiffMommie
New member here. Hello all! My name is Becky. I am a life-long "writer", though I have never published a thing. I am currently working on my 17th run at a manuscript, based on a true crime that brought my amazing daughter into my life. I actually am considering submitting, this one. As I just mentioned I am a mom, which by default makes me a jane of all things and a master of none. I currently spend my time focused on raising her to become the strong person she wants to be and writing this book.
I hate coffee but love tea. I am the strong but silent type, usually observing the world around me as I quietly participate in it. I have a wicked sense of humor, but I have to, in order to make it through my days. I currently have about 30 tabs open on my computer and the top of my desk is in total disarray. This is pretty much the outwards appearance of the inside of my brain. I make a load of mistakes, but I own them all. I have come to terms with the fact that this is my circus and these are my monkey's. Ah, life, mine, run amuck.
Would love to find a critique partner to work with me on my manuscript, please have one for me to critique so I can read something besides all this mumble jumble that I write and keep re-reading.
Thanks to Nathan for having a forum for all of those insane enough to call ourselves writers!

Re: New Member Intro

Posted: October 11th, 2018, 6:08 pm
by J. T. SHEA
30 tabs open in the brain? I know the feeling, Becky! Plus pop-ups and error messages galore in my brain at times.

And amen regarding thanks to Nathan! While these forums can be quiet at times there are always people online, no doubt exploring the 200,000 posts (!) by 3,500 members over 9 years so far.