Looking for a CP on 1st draft of Literary/WW II France/YA

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Looking for a CP on 1st draft of Literary/WW II France/YA

Post by DennisWard » December 11th, 2012, 12:43 pm

I am looking for a CP to do an exchange of chapters/manuscript excerpts of my first rough draft of my 100,000 word novel, "Mademoiselle Gigi," set in France(1940-1946). A simple interest in my book would be appreciated. If you are fans of Némirovsky's "Suite Française or Dutourd's "The Best Butter" that would be excellent. They are two of my literary Gods.

On the eve of the Nazi occupation of Paris, Gigi and her friends are naively in vigorous pursuit of their adolescent routines. They are more concerned with teenage birthday parties and boy crushes than the impending war, breathing it's hot vile breath down their necks like a Gryphon. In a matter of a few days, in a matter of a few hours, Gigi's Jewish family takes the decision to uproot their lives and join the 7,000,000 refugees who formed one of largest exodus in human history. The decision will result in epic consequences for Gigi and her family. Gigi is devastated and heartbroken, leaving behind her beloved Pepère in Paris. He has sacrificed his place in the car for younger family members. The next four years, Gigi faces agonizing struggles to survive the war. Some in her family are lost forever. In spite of the hardships, Gigi's lightness of being and sense of humor help her survive the war's worst circumstances.

After the war, Gigi's chance encounter with an American GI, who speaks French from Louisiana, evolves monumental changes for her life. "Mademoiselle Gigi" ends in 1946 with Gigi on the SS Brasil with 500 other war brides. Her final destination is the exotic world of the Cajun bayous of Louisiana. As she looks at her beloved France from the deck of the ship, receding from sight, Gigi would never dream, after two divorces and raising five sons, she would be the owner of the infamous gay cabaret nightclub, Chez Gigi, in Lafayette, Louisiana twenty years later.

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