EDIT:Looking for Critique partner for Fantasy Novel(UPDATED)

Critique partners are worth their weight in gold. So (checking financial page) like $20,000 a pound.
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EDIT:Looking for Critique partner for Fantasy Novel(UPDATED)

Post by arvales12 » July 9th, 2012, 3:15 am

Hey, I need a critic partner for my recently finished novel. I'm still working out a few things but I do believe I need another set of eyes to do it for me. Of course I'll do that for you too.

So here is the synopses of my novel:

Prince Tamiron Lluch betrays the Empire of the Far East, and takes command of the attacking force of their long time and dormant enemy; The Axis. The peace and stability of the region is put into jeopardy, for the fall of the empire means the utter destruction of the seven remaining kingdoms within its dominion for they are the only ones who can withstand the Axis' power. King Madarick Lluch IV, falls ill upon hearing the news and is stricken down bringing his life to the edge. When there is no royal monarch left to assume command, Arch Bishop Menoich Anarchu takes authority and places himself as Prime Minister and he quickly sends out the news of Tamiron's betrayal to the inner kingdoms and he calls to bring the best warriors of the remaining realms together to stop the impending threat of the Renegade Prince Tamiron Lluch.

Evangeline, Ravaen, Sevidon, Glaivel, Graveloth, Kaira and Aderon has been called out to hunt down the already rampaging prince who is ravaging the eastern regions. Princess Tamara Lluch, twin sister of Tamiron, returns quickly and assumes command of the empire, but her reign was cut short for she has been wrongly blamed for killing her father, King Madarick. Prime Minister Menoich then takes opportunity as he assumes total control and declares himself as Emperor. During the seven's journey, the group has found out about the news and was dumbfounded, but they were not convinced. Slowly, they then began to suspect of the Emperor's true motives.

Whit all the Seven in one place, they were called to a realm not of their own, the Mirror Realm. The Messenger of the Gods and Animos confronted them and gave them sacred gifts to withstand the power Prince Tamiron now possess and she bares another message that Tamiron must not die. Upon their return, Aderon's motive is beginning to show up,and his comrades began to suspect him. Now the fate of the peaceful realms hangs in the balance for they have to stop Prince Tamiron at all costs without ending his life, and if they fail, it would mean the demise of the eight kingdoms.

UNIBELTRASIA: THE FALLEN PRINCE is a 105K word count Fantasy Novel that will take you into a journey of self-discovery, uncovering secrets, discovering hidden prophecies that will determine the fate of their world.

Hope someone got interested. Just post right away... :D

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