Two Novels: One Paranormal Fantasy, One Paranormal Erotica?

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Two Novels: One Paranormal Fantasy, One Paranormal Erotica?

Post by kimberlyFDR » February 20th, 2012, 4:44 pm

Novel One: This one's the paranormal fantasy that has been polished and through multiple revisions with agent feedback, editor feedback, critique groups, and online feedback sessions. However, either my query's not working or my subject matter is one that's flooded the market. I need feedback on my query first of all, but would be open to manuscript critique as well.

Heaven and Hell Alike: When God goes AWOL, righteous demon Liam and angelic lover Mikael become pawns in the battle for Heaven. Victory means losing everything they've built together. (currently querying)

Novel Two: This one is an erotic novel that I don't know how to categorize. Would it be paranormal fantasy considering the subject matter or some other subgenre of erotica? It's also weird subject matter, so that'll likely lessen my query list. I'm almost ready for first level critique on this manuscript, so I need someone who can do that, as well as give feedback on my query.

His Womanly Ways: When Alex gets cursed by a spurned lover to “know what it's like for a woman” he never expected to literally become one. As his body changes into something his mind no longer recognizes, he must depend on his female best friend to help him cope. When friendship morphs into something more, Alex wonders if this curse was actually a blessing in disguise. (currently editing)

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