Looking for a Beta Reader for UrbanMythology Chick-lit Novel

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Looking for a Beta Reader for UrbanMythology Chick-lit Novel

Post by feberam » January 21st, 2012, 8:14 pm

Hi there!

Working on my second draft of this novel. Looking for big picture stuff right now. Then later grammar. Here's a quick bit about my story:

My book is an urban fantasty chick-lit novel called Kissing a gorgon. It is about a 21st Century woman, named Medusa, who is trying to make it in the Big Apple. She must battle her approaching 30's, her gorgon heritage, and her on off again relationship with the fallen god, Ares.

Her partner in crime is the flamboyant bi-sexual Hermes, who helps her with PR for the fallen Greek Gods and Mythical Beings.
Medusa has just turned 30 and has discovered she does not have the genetic stone disease which plagues her kind. Now she must figure out the life she never planned for.

The Climatic turning point comes when she makes a routine trip home to Gorgon isle to visit her mother. While there, she learns her true identity; she was created from an ancient Gorgon ritual using the original Medusa's blood. Her aunt informs her she is destined to be the new Queen of the Gorgons, but she is not ready to give up her life in New York. And there's a pressing issue with humans starting to worship the political, stoic Prometheus. This situation creates complicated feelings for Medusa, as she is not sure if her relationship with Prometheus is platonic or something more. If enough humans worship him again, the Gods could regain their powers. More than a few Gods would like to extract revenge on the humans they once enslaved.

Interested? Shoot me an email at moss.febe9@gmail.com

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