Beta Readers for a YA fantasy

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Beta Readers for a YA fantasy

Post by Scribble » January 5th, 2012, 11:28 am

I’m looking for beta readers for my YA high fantasy novel. It’s nearing completion (a bit more rewriting of the last chapters), so I’m looking for big picture opinions on the text from people who like the fantasy genre. I will read and provide constructive comments fairly quickly on your work if you do the same for mine.

Ever since the seeker chose her, Emmeline Courtay’s life has been preordained. Marked as one of the favoured, she is destined to join the Order of the Flame and serve the will of Azar. She has trained for six years to harness the power of fire and wield the twin blades in order to become a cleric of the Order and join the head of the empire’s host. But only hours before her elevation to full cleric she goes awol, desperately trying to save her only friend, Poppy, from assassination by the Shadow House.
Ospen Di-Mare is the elite assassin of the Shadow House, the teenage shadow no one wants lurking in their bedroom chambers. But now he’s tired of being used by his father as a weapon for sale to the highest bidder and decides to spare the life of his latest mark, some barmaid called Poppy, even if it means signing his own death warrant.
Enemies at first, Ospen and Emmeline find they are bound together by circumstances and a conspiracy that threatens to decide the fate of the future of the Order, the city and the empire itself.

Please PM me if interested.

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