Looking for sharp reads of dark comedy borderline YA novel

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Looking for sharp reads of dark comedy borderline YA novel

Post by DCross » September 2nd, 2011, 10:14 am

I would like some super-critical reads of my novel, League of Mortals. It has somewhat graphic material - some sex scenes, poop humor, jokes about cancer, and strong language at points. If you can read through that sort of thing without getting distracted from the craft, let me know.

Brief synopsis: the story follows Wesley, who becomes ill just before his senior year of high school; in addition to the normal 'coming of age' dilemmas, he has this massive new challenge, grappling with mortality. Wesley leads, in effect, a secret life -- trying to be normal at school and with his friends, but also having weird and horrible things done to him in hospitals. Apart from illness, bad medicine, and incompetent doctors, Wesley struggles against a teacher blinded by her own fear of breast cancer, and a girlfriend for whom the disease is a turn-on. The only person that helps Wesley navigate this hellscape is an older boy, who also has a severe illness. He ultimately saves Wesley's life, but meanwhile can't solve his own problems.

As the subject line says, this is a dark comedy. Heavy as the synopsis sounds, I promise you there are some jokes to leaven it. I can't promise they're good jokes, only that I found them amusing myself.

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