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Finished Manuscript - Contemporary Fiction

Posted: May 19th, 2011, 4:29 pm
by rmorris
I have just finished the first 90,000w draft for my novel, The Falling.
The Falling is a story about three 30-something friends in New York who are all experiencing the ups and downs of life, and are each dealing with the mistakes they've made along the way. Kate is an editor/failing writer whose marriage is on the rocks. Jesse is an artist/assistant manager at a comic book store who is caught between the aftermath of a failed relationship and the beginning of a new one. And Tommy is a successful novelist whose near-perfect life is suddenly interrupted by the return of a forgotten piece from his past.
This is a very New York-focused story, with the city itself acting as its own separate character.
If there is anyone interested in reading/critiquing this often funny/sometimes sad tale of friendship, please message me. I know there seems to be a glut of fantasy/romance/sci-fi out there, so here's your chance to read something a bit different.