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Urban Fantasy Female Reader 20-40 yrs old

Posted: August 24th, 2010, 12:19 pm
by amyashley
I am looking for a beta in my target audience who normally reads this type of fiction. I am NOT looking for someone who will edit my work. I have two editors, who will be reading the manuscript separately. Beta may or may not be getting the MS after editing depending on her schedule, so they need to keep that in mind. This is NOT a first draft, by any stretch. It has been fully edited several times by myself, but it may still have a few grammatical errors. I simply wish to avoid having multiple people sending me edits, as this will be both confusing and difficult to track.

MS will be approximately 60,000 to 70,000 words. It is about a wide range of paranormal creatures who do not fit any of the typical definitions. The protagonist is married, has kids, and is in her mid thirties. The book is very comical, and the approach is extremely original. If you have been into any urban fiction at all, but anxious to see something fresh, you will enjoy this book. It's very fast paced and light, and has an element of mystery. No action or sex, but lots of fun.

I would prefer someone who is either published or in the process of being published. I want someone who has enough experience to give me a strong opinion of the work. I am looking for overall critique rather than a page by page breakdown. The MS is in the final stages of completion. I will be done in about 2-3 weeks. I want to start talking to possible betas now so that I can have one lined up. I would be okay with a male reader if you read a lot of fantasy with female protagonists.

Sorry to sound picky. I have had great feedback from my apha readers and have two other betas already. I need someone very specific. I'm also trying to get my website up, work on my query, attack the second book, etc. and manage my 3 toddlers. I have lots to do! :)

Re: Urban Fantasy Female Reader 20-40 yrs old

Posted: August 27th, 2010, 1:38 pm
by writermorris
Hi amyashley,

If you are interested in swapping, I am looking for a beta as well. This is my first novel but I have been a published columnist and a I write nonfiction reports for a living. Pretty efficient at writing and editing.

My manuscripts is a 74,000 literary novel with a paranormal bent. I'm on my fifth draft and have already had one beta. The best way to describe it would be with my two paragraph synopsis...

When Maria Black experiences intense changes in her life, she grows sick and feverish until her body bursts into flames. From the fire that consumes her body, a bird rises, takes flight, and returns to human form. For the last 2,477 days, she has done everything to avoid change and suppress the burn. That’s when she met her husband, Joe Ellis. She has worked to build a normal life and be the kind of woman he could love.

Her quiet if dispassionate life is interrupted when she runs—quite literally—into the famous musician Sam Montgomery and learns that they have been dreaming about each other. As they develop a friendship, only Sam is willing to question
the meaning behind their dreams. Maria is not interested in posing questions that don’t have answers. When Sam and Maria fall in love, she is forced to decide between her normal life and a seemingly predestined love that reawakens questions about meaning and why she burns.

At this point, my first beta's read it enough times that I'm looking for someone with outside clarity. Looking for critique of plot, pacing, and POV flow in particular. Let me know if you are interested in swapping full manuscripts.

I'm 29, female, and your WIP sounds right up my alley.

Re: Urban Fantasy Female Reader 20-40 yrs old

Posted: August 27th, 2010, 3:11 pm
by amyashley
This sounds excellent! Your book sounds like something I would enjoy reading, and I will probably want a break before I sit down to work on the last tidbits of website and agent searching. I am estimating I have about 2 weeks of writing left. I am NOT reading anything right now, because I am so focused, but I am ready to send it to you when it is done. I have my query posted in the feedback forum if you want to read that to see a basic synopsis. If it still sounds interesting, send a message with your email and I will be able to send it to you in word or PDF, whichever you prefer. You would recieve it at the same time as my grammar mavens will, so there may still be some small grammar glitches, which you can ignore.

It sounds like we are looking for the same things in a beta. POV flow and pacing are big areas of concern for me as well.

Your story sounds very unique!