Historical Fiction novel - seeking CP or Beta Reader

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Historical Fiction novel - seeking CP or Beta Reader

Post by E.L.Daniel » June 8th, 2021, 5:39 pm

I'm looking for historical fiction novel focused beta-readers to read my entire novel (131,000 words / 50 chapters) and provide honest feedback on general reactions, thoughts, what you loved and didn't love.

Would love all opinions on pacing, plot, character development, clarity, voice, general reactions. Grammar is less of a concern at this point but certainly call out if you see themes of inaccuracies.

Here's the synopsis:

It's the year 1326, and King Edward II sits upon the throne of England. Those who support him are greedy and oppressive, while those who oppose him are either dead, silenced, or banished... including his own wife, the Queen. Surrounded by this turmoil is one little town where not all is as it seems. Strange events keep happening in Abbotsford—unpredictable, unlawful events—and there's only one man who doesn't appear alarmed. Stephen Warde, Captain of the Abbotsford garrison, has kept his past secret from many, along with his dream for a future that few others would comprehend. Yet whilst the town is in an uproar, everything Stephen wants is going to plan, so what happens when the townspeople begin to surmise that not all the chaos is mere coincidence? As the lies, theft, and murder come to a head, so, too, does an imperfect love story of a guarded man with a complicated past and his headstrong wife who's already sacrificed too much. Both will risk everything for a new future, but whilst they fight one another for what they want, the rest of the town is left wondering: Is it God who will determine Abbotsford's fate? Or is it someone else altogether?

Please message me if you're interested. Beta-readers who finish and provide detailed feedback will be included in the acknowledgement section of the published novel.

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