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Looking for Beta Readers for Fantasy Novel

Posted: June 8th, 2021, 12:05 pm
by taragrier
Hello! I’m searching for a beta reader(s) for my manuscript. It is a fantasy novel that is hopefully the first of a series, following the protagonist, Jade as she works to juggle her two identities: Princess of Adamantem, and leader of the rebel group Mavericks, who directly oppose the monarchy. When a mission goes terribly wrong, the hunt for the Mavericks is on and Jade must find a way to evade capture, protect her friends and people, all while keeping her secret. This is a story that features an openly bisexual protagonist as well as several other LGBTQ characters. Themes of the complexity of power, class, and government are explored. It is a longer manuscript, so just beware. I would be so grateful for anyone willing to help.