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CP needed for Urban Fantasy Romance

Posted: May 11th, 2021, 9:12 pm
by Deniz Randall
Hi All,
I'm looking for a critique Partner for my completed Urban Fantasy Romance manuscript. Roughly 84,000 words.

When Kalum, a hybrid of Heaven and Hell, escapes his eternal prison, he finds himself in the small town of Kara Creek, a civilization far beyond his recognition. While running from his enemies, the Fae, Kalum encounters Genevieve, a human immune to his unique abilities of telepathy and healing. He must decide whether to risk his exposure to discover if she’s his ally or the enemy. Encouraged by his friend to pursue her to find out her true motives, Kalum, educates himself on 21st century dating through romantic comedy movies.

I love reading romance if anyone would like to swap stories I'd be into it.