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Looking for a Critique Partner for 72k word Historical Fiction novel

Posted: July 10th, 2020, 2:17 am
by haydenwiggs
Hi, there! My name is Hayden and I am looking for a critique partner for my first novel, which I am hoping to present to publishers/agents at some point in the future (not sure when especially not during these unprecedented times!)

A little bit about me: I am currently a journalism student at a Mississippi university and have been a newspaper writer for almost six years now. I have taken several creative writing courses at my school, yet have never delved into the world of beta readers before, so this is a little scary and I'm not sure what to write! I guess talking about my work would be smart :lol:

The title of my current WIP, An Iron Curtain. A very brief synopsis: The series explores an alternate timeline that deviates from our own after the Cuban Missile Crisis, following the intertwining plotlines of an American soldier and his romance with the German princess; the Russian Tsar’s plight with a brewing communist revolution; a French immigrant’s corrupted murder trial; the vengeful pursuits of a mysterious masked mercenary; and the brewing war between the Western and Eastern powers. This is the first novel in a series of five.

I can provide any more information for those who are interested! And I am also very interested in reviewing any WIPs that y'all are working on - I love reading other writers' work and connecting with them!! :D :D

Re: Looking for a Critique Partner for 72k word Historical Fiction novel

Posted: July 16th, 2020, 12:50 am
by kitkat8
Hey there! My name is Katherine, and I'm also a college student looking for a critique partner :P I love historical fiction and I think your novel sounds really interesting :o I'm also currently working on a historical novel, but it is going to be a looong while before that one is ready for another pair of eyes :lol:

I have a contemporary, lighthearted YA novel (58k words) that I'd like another pair of eyes to look at. If you'd be interested in swapping WIPs just let me know! :D