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Critique Partner + Survey

Posted: February 26th, 2018, 11:38 am
by cthood
I wouldn't mind a partner in crime for some of my tidbits as I progress through my manuscript. I often run into a problem with "OH MY GOD, does this even make sense?" Or, "What in the hell should I do, can we brainstorm for a minute?"

I recently completed by manuscript and I've been going through the editing and polishing phase. One of the things I did was got it to a point I was comfortable with people reading it, and asked 20 of my friends on social media to critique it. I then setup an anonymous survey and asked them all to respond once they had finished reading the manuscript. I've received some great feedback that helped me make a few modifications.

The film industry does this with new movies, I figured why not do this with a larger audience for my book? Something to consider if you are up to it.