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Help refine the craft

Post by damspaugh » July 29th, 2014, 6:25 pm

Hello Everyone,

I am interested in swapping stories with someone. I like to write thriller. Does anyone want to swap some short stories? We can write one every week and share. Since I'm recently unemployed, I have more time.

My current novel is finished. I am debating about hiring a professional editor. I trust him. But it will cost $1210. That might be a lot if you recently lost a job, but it needs to be done.

It is called The Hack List. It is thriller/science fiction. It's about a waiter who hates his job. He just couldn't leave it in this economy, oh no, and it's not really the job that keeps him up at night; it's the customers. They're demanding and cheap. Those little buggers are going to make sure that his entire night is full of resentment. Well, it all came down to the last customer who made him feel this way. Mr. Sun Visor had it coming. But the waiter couldn't stop there. He has to make sure every customer disappears. So, he puts the customers on a list and murders them. He will murder the worst paying customers.

Meanwhile, the restaurant has become home to the largest cockroach colony in the world. They need customers to survive. When they discover someone is killing them they must do everything in their power to stop him. Can they do it before it's too late?

So, I'm looking for wants to swap short stories and share ideas. Let me know.


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