get in the habit of writing every day with me

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get in the habit of writing every day with me

Post by feralchild » May 19th, 2014, 6:15 pm

about me:
I'm 21, female, married recently.
addicted to diet coke and gummy candy

Here's my goal: I'm working on a young adult fantasy novel, but it's been so long since i last wrote that i'm really working on building up the habit again.
here's my goal: every day for a month, i want to spend time 1st: thinking about the plot i'm gonna write for the day, and taking notes (about imagery, descriptions, etc) and 2nd: actually writing it down.

1st week: thinking for 5 minutes and taking notes, writing for 20
2nd week: thinking for 9 minutes and taking notes, writing for 30
3rd week: thinking for 11 minutes and taking notes, writing for 45
4th week: thinking for 15 minutes and taking notes, writing for 60 min.

i'll be rewarding myself every day (with a gummy burger. i know its weird but it works for me)
after the first week of writing every day i'll have a larger reward (a small arby's jamocha shake)
after each week the reward will be slightly larger (medium size shake, large size shake etc)

the thing is, in the past having someone to be competitive with or just supportive with has really helped me. And besides that, i'm in it for the fun. Is anyone interested in getting into a daily habit with me? I'm not looking for critique just yet, i'm mostly looking for "hey, today i wrote four pages" "Yeah! that's awesome!"

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Re: get in the habit of writing every day with me

Post by PabloGCC » June 13th, 2014, 1:00 am

Hey there! I read through your idea and I'm very interested in partnering with you!

I've been writing mine for quite some time now, but find it difficult to get into a daily habit and often quit for long periods of time. I also tend to waste a huge amount simply thinking about the plot and whatnot and have a clean slate at the end o fthe day. Having a partner there for support might do the trick for me as well.

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Re: get in the habit of writing every day with me

Post by Lew » September 28th, 2015, 10:24 am

Hi, new to this craft.

I just finished about a 230,000 word (800 pages) draft of historical fiction (@100AD), Roman trip to China, now in second edit.

What works for me is to use dead time, such as my 1.5 hour drive to and from work, to think about plots, subplots and characters. I tend to get it all in my head, since obviously, note taking is out while driving.

Then I set down with a goal in the evening, generally 10 to 20 pages and however much coffee it takes to make that happen. I am told that is a lot of volume, but after an hour and a half of visualizing, it seems to flow by itself. And often, despite my planning, the plot takes a turn of its own, and comes out different, and usually better, than what I had thought.

Key to a long story is don't deal with the whole story, it is too intimidating, and in many cases you can't know what is going to happen because the characters haven't introduced themselves to you. My basic outline was that Romans go to China by sea, with various people trying to kill them and take their ships away. Once in court, political intrigue and woman trouble land them in jail condemned to death. A daring breakout, then mad dash overland home, again with various people trying to kill them. And the rough cut centurion winds up marrying one of the translators. That was my outline 15 years ago, but how all that happened was unknown until I actually wrote the chapters.

Deal with the book a chapter at a time with a goal of a chapter in one or two sessions. If the chapter is tight, the book will be tight.


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Re: get in the habit of writing every day with me

Post by herro raymond » February 18th, 2016, 5:07 pm

Great idea, if I wasn't finished with my MS, I'd definitely join you.

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Re: get in the habit of writing every day with me

Post by JordanDavis » November 11th, 2016, 2:48 pm

Dear Feralchild,

I like your adherence to your goals. If you have not found a partner yet, please write me griffingarcon@gmail com

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