Steampunk/Sci-Fi novel searching for a butt-kicking, (68K words)

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Steampunk/Sci-Fi novel searching for a butt-kicking, (68K words)

Post by ericrwhite » September 14th, 2020, 1:45 pm

My Dad was a Radio Operator on B-17s during WW2 and I wanted to write about some of his experiences. However, so many people have done such great work in researching the war and the US Air Force that I didn't want to do a poor job of that and dishonor his memory (RIP Dad, 1997).

I'm a long-time hard science fiction reader but for some reason I picked up a copy of Joseph Lallo's "Free Wrench" and after the first chapter, I knew I could use Steampunk as the genre for my Dad's stories -- and dump in a healthy amount of my hard science fiction seasoning.

It also turns out that I prefer female protagonists so in "Steampunk Bomber" my Dad is a young woman, played by "Dylyn van Schoonhoven" (Schoonover being my Mom's maiden name) and a smart, smart-ass whose got a rocky relationship with her Dad and has spent more than a couple of nights cooling off in the local county jail. We're not too sure about my Dad in that regard but most available evidence indicates the Sheriff decided that a "weekend off" would be a good idea, on occasion.

I also decided that in a few hundred years we'll evolve socially and monikers like LGBTQ are of no value, so SB has that dimension as well.

From Steampunk Bomber, I derived a pilot screenplay, "Vapor" that Final'ed at Filmmatic's Sci-Fi TV Pilot awards and 2 short film screenplays, "The Blue Suit", "Vapor First Colonists" that have won their share of awards. Those have not been produced.

Point being that the story is appealing, but is the book?

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