Courtroom drama less than 900 words

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Courtroom drama less than 900 words

Post by Starchaser3000 » February 28th, 2012, 2:49 pm

A very red in the face Redd continued to debate the head sage in front of the emperor upon his elaborate altar/throne of pillows and silk satins. And with all the sages seated in choir like fashion, solemnly and stoically behind him within the highly vaulted background. Dope was handled roughly in being returned back to his properly designated seating in the royal courtroom before the emperor. He now just sat there with arms folded, sunk in chair, and eyes crossed in annoyed anger. The debate was entertaining nonetheless with rude hand gestures from Redd and the head sage rolling his eyes, and then taunting him in return, which would make Redd’s face even more redder. Everyone in the court as of now was not sleeping or idly chatting away with each other. The emperor as always in his subtle gestures of self-grooming, different poses, and occasional looks of wide-eyed interest, intermixed with more relaxed and content demeanors along with occasional loud purring, continued to oversee court procedures. But may a god forbid that the emperor makes direct eye contact with anyone, or else that individual is completely under his mental control that not to many beings can break out of without some type of outside intervention.

Currently the emperor was pleased, because everyone was paying full attention to the current speech of the head sage defending his good name.
“Your blasphemies are an outrage. Have you gone mad?? How dare you continue to mock the benevolence of our perfect emperor!!”
Redd in a stern rebuttal. “I have always seen him as perfect in certain ways. But when you have a life experience in interacting with those that have suffered under his long tyranny, there just undeniably has to be a change for the better. If the emperor is truly as benevolent as you say, then he should champion social equality for all.”
The head sage just shook his head in befuddlement. “But that just takes us back to square one of old rhetorical arguments dating back to when I was a valedictorian student, and you were a highly decorated post grad at the academy. Social inequality in a well-organized caste system is proven to allow the rightfully chosen to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. It is by divine right that this is so. The suffering of the average minority with no political sway is a necessity in the all knowing philosophy of our illustrious emperor.”

The mighty Louie purred loudly, and was then tempted to go into his sphinx pose, in which he finally did. As the head sage was about to continue on his rebuttal, he quickly held up his hand and told Redd to wait. Then he proceeded to pay gratuitous homage to the emperor, and kissed both of his extended paws repeatedly in a noticeably prolonged amount of time. Next, he went back to his standard standing position by the emperor’s side, who then briefly groomed himself. The emperor Louie then casually repositioned himself to lie comfortably on his side, and then finished grooming himself all around his plump and rotund body and face. The emperor was now in a relaxed attentive pose. Now the head sage was about to finally finish his rebuttal, but Redd then rudely interrupted and declared that he ask the emperor to allow him to seek counsel with his partner in crime Dope.

Dope straightened his posture as Redd sat beside him to address the matter of court litigation at hand.
“I think that it would be wise for you to take a side don’t you think??”
Dope nodded in approval. “OK…I will make it known that I am definitely on your side. Regardless…you know I’m indifferent to your social equality rhetoric. All I know that in the long run….its all about me….and no one else…hmmf.”
Redd just sat silently and then gave Dope a pat on the back.
“But its good to sometimes have friends on your side. You give a little and you get a little back…won’t you agree.” And so Dope then boldly takes a stand to speak his mind.
“This is time for my piece of the pie and even the emperor himself is going to LIKE IT!!”
The whole courtroom is in complete aghast at what was just uttered. It’s as if time just stopped when every noble, sage, and even the guards, and minstrels were like WTF??? But Dope continued on, while the emperor was engaged in wide-eyed attention.
“This whole thing is a sham. And even though I have had my disagreements with Redd, I concur that there has to be a change for social equality that calls for the abolishment of slavery. And the ones who are in of the high borne class, including myself, must spread the wealth and help people who really need it!!”

There were now lots of negative rumbling murmurs within the courtroom, and Dope could see the worried looks on his mother and his three sisters. His older brother and his father had looks of uncertainty and disappointment, along with the rest of the family. Dope looked around the room and felt as if he should have chosen to maybe recant his allegiance to Redd. Then he bit his lip and turned to the stoically solemn congregation of the lower class hooded sages seated directly behind the emperor.

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