Hunted Chapter 1........ 1st 500 Words

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Hunted Chapter 1........ 1st 500 Words

Post by itobias » June 27th, 2018, 8:43 am

Chapter 1
London 1715

As the rain has one character and the wind another, it is the fog that shrouds them both in mystery.

Peter Gray is my name. Of late I am known as Henry Crum.

The quality of my life has become a distant glimmer of former aspirations, causing my true name and identity to become so distant that, upon reflection, I sometimes imagine them as another person. To lose one's self—especially to those with ambition—is a punishment more confining than prison, for prison—and my escape from it—has brought me to these straits.

Writing in my journal, is my only companion and it troubles me greatly to put pen to such thoughts. And so I begin:

By the grace of God, I had made my twenty-third birthday. It was Monday, a day I now hate, and I am sure the other days of the week do also. For many, it was the drudgery of the beginning of another week in their horrible lives. For me, it had always been a new start, another chance. Now I felt trapped and unable to take advantage of that promise. But unlike a rat caught in a trap, I was able to open my prison door and leave my lair. So with a quip of courage, I laid down my quill and prepared to face the world. I had to remind myself that other people existed besides my good self, so cautiously, I periodically pushed myself to go out and prove it.

My time piece broken, I prematurely opened the door, but the brightness of the world caused me to retreat. Closing my eyes, I sat on my lone chair and waited for the sun to drop and night to swallow the city.

For my birthday, I coerced myself to leave the dungeon of a room and go out to eat a roasted chicken, whole if affordable. My long wool coat, scarf, and hat may seem suspicious to those who take notice, but suspicion is better than recognition. It was late July and along with my heavy attire, the summer heat helped veil me in some mysterious manner. The people who passed by were too concerned with their own discomfort to recognize and expose me to those who hunted me. The tax daily life weighed upon the mind and body was enough, without being cooked by the sun, and made most people less cognizant of the world about them. This gave me a slight edge for the tasks at hand.

Finally the sun gave up and I walked down the back stairs to an alley still comfortably wearing its shadows. A few steps and I entered Tooley Street, an unnecessarily wide avenue, that was not yet bustling, as was suppertime for most. I did not recognize any of the faces that passed me, and the few who grant me a curious if not suspicious glance, are as new to me as this part of London.

A particular alley next to Pinkerwirth's Bookstore, beckoned me. It was a shortcut, and afforded me a private walk. As I rounded the corner, a smell approached me–a distinct sour goat milk and fish mixture.

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Re: Hunted Chapter 1........ 1st 500 Words

Post by J. T. SHEA » June 27th, 2018, 9:51 pm

This is certainly intriguing and different! I quite like it. The protagonist's narration is distinctive and formal but not obscurely antique, and conveys character and setting very succinctly. I'm curious to hear other readers' comments.

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