Anyone need help with writing about horses?

Post excerpts from your works in progress and give feedback to your fellow writers.
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Anyone need help with writing about horses?

Post by crittermonster » March 31st, 2015, 11:34 pm

Hi all. I'm new here and in order to be a "good citizen" as Nathan suggests, may I offer my services in editing stuff to do with horses?

Horses show up a lot. Historical, fantasy, Western. And sure, you might know all about 'em-- but what if you don't? Does that mean you have to clip-clop around the issue?

Nah. I can help. I answer a lot of horse-related questions on Quora. My qualifications: lifelong avid horse nut, owner of a fabulous mare, illustrator of two books about riding. And for what it's worth, back in the 00s I was the one who started the Wikipedia pages for English Saddle, Western Saddle, Quarter Horse, Paint Horse and Cowboy Boots.

Any takers?
(Then of course, after I've lulled you all into a blissful hay-scented haze, I will spring my query letter on you for critique, but that comes later.)


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Re: Anyone need help with writing about horses?

Post by Krystata » May 15th, 2017, 3:22 pm

I do! I'm also new here, and can hardly wait to dig in! In the mean time, I have something started that I will attach. I'm more than happy to offer support, advice, feedback - in whatever way I may be supportive of you, and your creations!

Thanks so much! Manuscript is untitled at this time.


September was always my favorite month. The crisp breeze accentuated the auburn flame of the trees as it crinkled through them. I flared my nostrils, sighing deeply as I turned away from the glow of the leaves, the wind catching my black mane. She sits there, tears in her eyes, watching me intently as she whispers to me softly
“Speedie,” her voice pleads with me, filled with an unmistakable ache.
I whuffle softly as I hobble toward her, favoring my left hind leg. Dropping my head to her lap, I feel her face in my mane, the sobs wracking her body. She breathes deeply, and I know she’s taking in my scent. The same as I take in hers. She smells of the sweet alfalfa she placed in my enclosure earlier, and I know I will carry this memory with me into eternity.
I rub my upper lip against her cheek, meaning it as comfort, but realizing it falls short. Nibbling at the ends of her hair, I rest my leg. Her sorrow fills my soul and I’ve no means to soothe her. I wish I could have made the choice for her, and in some ways, I was her guide- much as she has been mine. I pull away to gaze into her eyes, feeling her soft touch on my face. So much kindness, so much love.
We both turn at the sound of tires on the gravel driveway. I expect her to pull away now but instead, she wraps her arms around my neck. “I love you, Speedie. Please forgive me.”
My whicker is a whisper in her ear. Oh, my dear, Amy, how my heart aches for you. All is forgiven. You will always be my person. Forever. Even if all we had was a moment in time.
She rises ever so slowly, and reaches for the beautiful leather halter, engraved with my name, which I had always worn with pride. It was time.

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Re: Anyone need help with writing about horses?

Post by cocohh » December 19th, 2017, 9:36 pm

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