Ugh. You got stuck writing a synopsis. Help is on the way.
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All right, since I'm a perfectionist, I worked more on my synopsis. Because it's a literary fiction I quoted my characters and added their believes to the synopsis. I hope it's better than the previous one.

TAJ is a professional mercenary who has grown to believe that war is a way of life, and BEK is another who has recently joined the profession. Taj and Bek develop camaraderie while they are at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Taloqan, one of few cities in the hands of the Anti-Taliban resistance army.

When war ceases in the winter of 1998, they sometimes travel to town to spend their nights with a sufi and a philosopher, filling them with wise words and good debates. The sufi says human is bird of paradise in cage and can free himself if he finds a purpose in life. Bek accepts; Taj objects by saying he doesn’t have any wings but over the course of a season he comes to know that life is worth more than killing. So he and Bek decide to leave soldiering in search of better opportunities once the winter ends.

Then one night on his post Taj stops a car for routine checks and discovers a chest full of foreign currency in its trunk. The sight unleashes the beast in him and with the help of Bek he robs and draw his gun to kills him. Bek opposes to the killing idea and the old man pleads for his life, but Taj says he needs the money more than the old man and kills him with no regret.

They run away to a remote town and find the money is Russian currency, far less in value than what they thought. The incident is a disaster for Taj but Bek marks it as the beginning of their pursuit to free themselves from chains of war. He says beginning is always a success.

They return to Taloqan, spend some time without any job and spend all their money till they are left with no choice but to become bodyguards of KASRA, a minor warlord and an extensive gambler. Bek opposes to getting the new job says it’s a form of slavery but Taj convinces him that it’s the only option. Weeks after they get the job, the city is taken over by the Taliban and they escape with the warlord to his hometown.

Taj is appointed as the head of a small private army. He indulges in executing the commander’s orders and enjoys his new job and favors Kasra who is merciless like him. Bek objects to Taj’s lifestyle and asks him to leave soldiering once again and live freely but Taj says he needs a few weeks to decide upon.

On a night when Kasra and his gambler friends are invited to play the game of chance, Taj decides to kill them and escape with their money. He talks his friend into it and says Kasra and his friends have killed many innocent people in the past and deserves to die. So they kill the warlord and escape with his money. Taj says he’s happy not for the money but for killing three bad people.

They go to Emam, Taj’s hometown, which is ruled by a warlord, named RAMIN but is shared among four others. Taj and Bek start a business and promise not to indulge in bloodshed anymore. Taj also makes friends with SHER, a cruel killer who respects him. He even gifts him a watch and Sher values the watch despite he doesn’t value time and its wonders.

Things change when a war is staged and Taj’s cousin, a politician respected for bringing about the peace agreement is killed. The incident boosts his paranoia and he kills the ruler Ramin and inherits his private army and a handful of enemies. To finance his new kingdom he enters into drug business, and to keep his enemies at bay he establishes an assembly and chooses its members from the people to gain their support.

As time flows the rate of crimes rises and Taj loses popularity, and when an associate drug dealer is killed his kingdom is threatened once again. Knowing that they can’t stand the attack of other warlords, Bek proposes a cunning scheme and says Taj should use his friend Sher and make him a useful part of the universe.

Taj accepts and as part of his scheme Taj secretly meets his friend SHER, a political illiterate but a cruel killer who defies everyone and has now turned his village into a safe haven for criminals. Taj informs Sher that other warlords have a plot against him and gives arms and ammunitions for his protection.

Then he arranges a meeting of the assembly with the four warlords in which it’s demanded that no warlord protect or give refuge to Sher and that he be captured and punished for being behind the crimes in town. Taj rejects but the warlords agree with the plan and the assembly, as staged, passes the motion anyhow. Hearing the news, a furious Sher ambushes the warlords on their way back from the assembly and kills them.

\By dusk Taj discovers that Sher has done his job perfectly. He captures Sher by night and brings him to town, promising him safety. But by the next morning Sher is escorted into the town square, denounced as the enemy of peace, and riddled with bullets. Taj says Sher was killed because he had a watch but didn’t know the value of time and life.

Taj and Bek emerge victor once more and over the course of a month make enough fortune to leave the country and escape war forever. Once they achieve their desire they realize the end doesn’t justify the means. Taj feels regret for his past and wish he had lived righteously. Bek tells him he’s not alone in that and that many have been discontent with the universe from its beginning. The story ends when the two witness the countdown to the new millennium and wish humanity both a happy millennium and a millennium free of war.

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