Basic plot outline

Ugh. You got stuck writing a synopsis. Help is on the way.
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Basic plot outline

Post by Mike Dickson » October 14th, 2010, 5:15 pm

Is there enough to build on?

Joe Hayward is a successful equity trader visiting his family from New York. Holding a celebrities status, townspeople come to visit him at the local restaraunt. Will Ryland, journalist and family friend, takes notes for next weeks paper. The conversation is heated when farmer Walter Brown voices his distain for Wall Street insiders labeling them crooks.

Appeasing to Walter's request the following day, Will finds Joe dead in Walter's barn. He listens as Walter pleads his innocence claiming he's been framed. He prompts Walter to call the police and a lawyer. Will chastises the Sheriff for condemning Walter at the scene urging him to follow proper procedure. Suspicious of Walter's sincerity, Will has doubts of his innocence as Walter is led to jail.

As the court of public opinion damns the suspected killer, Will begins his own independant investigation. Meeting with family and friends, he begins to develop a timeline of the days events. He conceals his doubt narrowing his thoughts of innocence. He discovers from Joe's kin that there's also bad blood with another local, Harold Wright.

Forensics turns up trace evidence of Harold's guilt. Keeping his investigation close, Will uncovers additional supporting evidence implicating Harold. Doubts to Walter's participation lighten. Will relays his findings to Sheriff Chapman and the focus shifts to Harold as the person of interest.

Harold's detainment causes animosity and division in the community. A witness steps forward with testimony previously ignored. Will's internal battle of guilt subsides as Walter's call to him is revealed as a part of the criminal plot. Harold is released and charges are dropped.

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Re: Basic plot outline

Post by Mark17 » October 14th, 2010, 9:36 pm

I think you definitely have enough to build on here. It's a basic murder mystery, but with a pretty unique setting. It will really all depend on how the characters come out, I think. From this little blurb I didn't get much about them but their professions, but obviously that would be flushed out if the novel was actually written. It's definitely the skeleton of a compelling story though. Keep us all updated how this goes.
Good luck.

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Re: Basic plot outline

Post by michael_villo » March 24th, 2011, 12:53 am

You probably want to investigate more into Walter's disdain for Wall Street and its traders. I certainly know that a lot of people see them as greedy but I think he needs a stronger emotional dislike of them in order for this to work. Perhaps Joe Hayward specifically has a past in this little town and he's not only meeting with family but some very powerful clients. Honestly, a lot more thought needs to be put towards these characters. As fleshing their own personal flaws will help color and create a plot that is a lot more organic.

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Re: Basic plot outline

Post by jojocookie » May 3rd, 2012, 12:27 pm

I think it is very good. You have enough there to make me want to read more.

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