YA Fantasy: WYRM FIEND, a new query

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Re: YA Fantasy: WYRM FIEND, a new query

Post by gilesth » January 18th, 2011, 1:01 pm

Here's an update:

Life as a modern-day dragon slayer really is as cool as it sounds. At least that’s what sixteen-year-old Chris Drake believes when he joins the only official dragon slayers’ guild: the Fraternity of Wyrm Fiends. But when wings sprout from his shoulders, and the occasional fireball erupts his mouth, it’s time to freak out because dragons are the only creatures known by the Fraternity to transform their bodies.

Afraid to go to his mentor for help, Chris turns to a dragon-worshiping cult to find out why he’s shapeshifting. Through a simple blood ritual, the cult learns that the young slayer is the son of a human and a dragon. Unable to prove the cult wrong, Chris turns to his friends to help him discover what he is, where he came from, and how he can hide all of that from the Fraternity.

Remaining hidden becomes an enormous challenge when an infamous dragon settles outside of Denver and abducts Chris’s partner best friend, Yvonne. Because this dragon has a reputation for devouring virgins and dragon slayers alike, Chris fears the worst for his friend.

Unless Chris learns how to control his shapeshifting, the Wyrm Fiends will hunt him down and slaughter him. But if he ever wants to see Yvonne again, he must fulfill his duties as a professional dragon slayer.

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