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Re:Query; The Mask of Noesis, Middle Grade fantasy

Post by Juls Duncan » December 22nd, 2010, 12:30 am

Revised Query #5

I have gone over my query, and rewrote it once again... Please let me know what you think... I thank you all for any advice... Juls

Dear (name of agent):

A simple English class assignment turns eleven-year-old Morgan Koda world upside down when her Christmas letter ends up in the hands of the people who are searching for her.

In THE MASK OF NOESIS: All Morgan has known in her eleven years is a miserable life with her horrible foster family. However, all that’s about to change when she delivers a class assignment to the local mall’s Santa Claus, she never dreamed it would be her ticket to Edenwiess magic school. In this enchanted place, she makes friends with humans, talking animals, and elves. Yet, she also finds that things are not as serene as they seem. Seth, a classmate, wants her dead, then there’s The Dark Emir, an evil sorcerer who is hunting for the one with the power wield the Mask of Noesis, an ancient and powerful relic that could be used to siphon any person’s magic. When he learns that Morgan is the only witch in over two hundred years with the power to control the mask, he will stop at nothing to capture her, and use her to dominate this mysterious world. To save herself, her friends, and her world, Morgan must travel through time and unearth the mask before the Dark Emir. But, In order for her to fulfil her destiny, she must survive.

I would like to submit my middle grade fantasy novel, The Mask of Noesis, for your review. The completed manuscript is 68,000 words. The Mask of Noesis takes place in a magical world similar to the Harry Potter Series, the Worst Witch, and Halloweentown, only in the fact that Morgan and her friends also attend a school of magic. As instructed, I have included a query, synopsis, and sample chapters.

Thank you for taking the time to review my query, I look forward to hearing from you. Please note that The Mask of Noesis is a multiple submission.


Juls Duncan

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