Jade's Hurricane, Take 2: Will send to Agents

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Re: Jade's Hurricane, Take 2: Will send to Agents

Post by wilderness » August 24th, 2010, 12:21 pm

clara_w wrote:
Dear Agent X,

When Jade witnesses non-tamers brutally murder her father, she enters a catatonic state and creates a monstrous hurricane. Not something every element tamer can do, especially a child.

Six years later, her unrestrained Godlike powers start emerging again, and she embarks on a harsh training to control them before it’s too late. How about "she trains with Master [name]? to control them before it's too late."
Luckily, she isn’t alone: Her friend Lian`s parents were also murdered by non-tamers. Not only that, but Lian has extraordinary powers, just like her.

Things take a turn for the worse when Meanwhile, the Shadow Man gathers an army to sweep all non-tamers from the face of the earth. He was the one who planned their parent’s murders to incite hatred towards non-tamers in the girl’s hearts.
Unaware of that, Jade and Lian will flirt with what’s morally wrong as theyJade and Lian must choose to either join him in his genocidal hatred or fight him with all they’ve got .
Going through epic battles and life threatening dangers, they will try control their anger, save an entire nation and most importantly,
and stop Jade’s hurricane. Unless you are going to explain what the epic battles are or the life threatening dangers, you should not include the vague references in the query.

“JADE´S HURRICANE” is a YA Fantasy finished at 90,000 words.
I'm not sure you've told us enough about Jade to make us like her yet. Good luck.

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