Query - The Cured: Rebirth (YA)

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Query - The Cured: Rebirth (YA)

Post by notalone710 » April 6th, 2016, 3:56 pm

Dear {Agent Name Here}
This is the origin story of William Scott.
A fifteen year old boy, who discovers the side effect of finally overcoming his life-long problem with his weight, is stage four lung cancer. Attending a charity event in West Seattle. Will sees the face of his former best friend, Emma on every girl to take the stage. He races to tell her, not making any sense along the way. In surprise, Emma gives Will his first kiss. With little to no time left, Will wants to spend his last days with the people he loves. The fierce Emma will not go quietly into the night. She tracks down the world renowned and incredibly good looking Doctor Edvin Gerhard, demanding that he help Will. Emma convinces him to fight, to survive it.
Will uses his formidable knowledge of biology to figure out an idea for the Cure for Cancer. Not exactly what Emma had in mind but she'll take it. In the days to follow their love only grows stronger and more profound, in a way he's never known.
Given the sensitive nature of The Cure and those who would covet it, Doctor Gerhard gives Will an ultimatum. Stay with his love and sacrifice the world or sacrifice his love and save the world.
Then he had to go and die......for five minutes.
Doctor Gerhard uses this opportunity to whisk Will away to Sweden, promising, his family will be safe.
Emma spends the next two years in complete turmoil. Her world is rocked by two email announcements, there is officially a Cure for Cancer and Will is returning home.
The Cure has given Will a new body that seems to grow stronger and faster with each passing day. With a friend’s mysterious disappearance tied back to an infamous drug lord and the mounting horror of a serial killer on the loose. Will struggles against the clock to save his friend and all of Seattle.
I’m seeking representation for my 84000 young adult science-fiction novel, The Cured: Rebirth. A stand alone with series potential. Possible future titles are Revenge & Redemption.
I live in South Africa where my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer 7 years ago, giving me experience with the devastating effects. I have a Facebook & LinkedIn friend list of close to 2000 people each, with emerging personalities on Twitter & Wattpad.
Thank you, Ms. {Agent Surname Here}, for your consideration of this query. As requested, I have included the first chapter below.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
P.S. Because approximately 32.5 million people worldwide live with cancer and it being the second leading cause of death in the United States, this book is unique and marketable to a wide audience.

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