Sonora Symphony

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Sonora Symphony

Post by longknife » December 5th, 2015, 7:09 pm

Things happen. Things so horrid the bravest mind cowers, burying the memories deep. They only crawl out in the weakest hours, dragging one back, covered in cold sweat, unheard screams echoing. Physical wounds can be healed. But, sometimes the mental ones have no easy cures.

Staff Sergeant Ray Daniels feels the aches and pains and touches the scars. But, he does not know who he is, where he is from, whether or not he has a family, and if he has a future. And nobody will tell him anything but that he was wounded in Afghanistan.

Sonora Symphony is a contemporary novel of 109,000 words that approaches PTSD from a unique perspective. It tells of American Indian healing techniques that include immersion in nature, using healthful and healing foods, diverting dark thoughts with tales and lore of American Indians, all taking place in the Sonora Desert of southern Arizona.

In the end, with the help and guidance of an ex-Green Beret Papago tribal elder, Ray must decide to participate in a ritual that may end his life in order to give him back his future.

As per … and so on.

Would really appreciate feedback.
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