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D.H. Watson
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Post by D.H. Watson » September 11th, 2015, 8:39 pm

Dear XXX,
In a city swallowed by the dust of past sins, two thugs must face the psychological and moral consequences of their transgressions; a struggle of faith, hope, and anger, analyzing the effects of abuse and neglect on children too young to understand the pain their parents inflict upon them.

The story follows two partners in crime, John and Vilis;
John believes he is a man of faith, striking down all the vile and evil souls found in this dust ridden city.
Vilis on the other hand, an obnoxious egomaniac consumed by his own greed and self-pleasure, cares little for the idea of divine obligation.
When John discovers his beliefs in god are not as they appear, he is forced to face who he’s become. No longer able to blame his abusive father or lying mother for his sins, he sets out on a journey to right his wrongs, all while dragging his snarky yet cynical childhood friend along with him.

THE ROOTS OF A TAINTED SAPLING (80,000 words) is a literary fiction set in a dystopian future where only two massive cities remain on the planet. The two main protagonists struggle to accept who they are and must deal with the abuse both men received as children. The novel takes a close look at how morality and emotion develops when children grow up with parents who use their kids as an outlet for their own personal angers and fears.
I am new to publishing, but have been writing for almost five years. I aspire to write literature that is equal in both quality and merit to books such as Cather in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, Grapes of Wrath, Anthem, etc. .I have witnessed firsthand the effects physical and mental abuse can have on children, as many of my friends, partners, and family members have been victims of most different forms of abuse. I am also an ex-Mormon, which has given me a unique outlook on god and how hope/faith is also a huge contributing factor to this development as a child gets older.

I feel that it needs to be shorter, but am having trouble cutting edges. Anyone have any suggestions?

herro raymond
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Post by herro raymond » February 18th, 2016, 4:56 pm

I think the experience and struggles you've faced in your own life give you the most credibility. The book sounds interesting, and I hope you explain why there are only two cities left. Good luck.

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