Query Critique for THE UNKNOWN MAN

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Query Critique for THE UNKNOWN MAN

Post by Jdubden13 » April 4th, 2015, 12:47 am

I am looking for feedback, thanks. I should add, this was self published and will relate that (along with sales figures, etc) in the final query.

Memories are one of the most important aspects of our very existence. They shape our individuality, provide a roadmap as to how we should act, and serve as an aid as we travel through life, hopefully, preventing us from making the same mistake twice. Without them, we would walk the planet as emotionless husks, never evolving, stuck in one place in time. That is why, when a man wakes up in the back of a merchant’s wagon driven by two goblins, without any idea who he is, he knows he’s in trouble. He looks for clues to unlock his identity, but the task is difficult when no one else knows who he is either.

As he struggles to learn who he is, a sinister man by the name of Lutheras, leads a growing force of dark wizards and Minotaurs in the north. He’s hell bent on gathering all seven of the orbs scattered throughout Askabar. Lutheras has learned that the seven orbs are keys; keys imprisoning the worst wizard who ever lived. Combining the orbs will provide Lutheras with unfathomable power, and unleash a darkness and evil the likes of which the planet has never seen.
The unknown man arrives at the capital city of the region and arranges a meeting with the ruler. Intrigued by the stranger’s loss of memory, Lord Brukahn agrees to help him. He sends the stranger on a journey to seek out an old and mysterious seer, who Brukahn believes can unlock his memories.

Through his travels, the man learns his fate is tied to the peculiar events in the north. Lutheras has already conquered one city, and has his sights set on the next as he marches on his ever-growing path of conquest. The fate of Askabar hangs in the balance and depends upon a man who doesn’t even remember who he is.

THE UNKNOWN MAN is my debut novel, and is the first book of four in the high fantasy series, The Keepers of the Orbs. It is complete at 114,000 words. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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