Query: YA Fantasy

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Query: YA Fantasy

Post by katemargaret » September 30th, 2021, 6:11 pm

Dear [Agent],

Smart and sensible Everly Peris couldn’t fathom a world where magick exists, but when a twist of fate brings her to the realm of Empyriam, everything she knows about her life is turned upside down. After meeting Noa Berrie, a budding scholar, she discovers her own connection to this magickal world and the shocking truth about her past. As a frightening conspiracy begins to reveal itself, the lives of these two teenagers are irrevocably intertwined as they are thrust into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse.

With the help of Blu, an incredibly skilled magist, and Psylor, a rambunctious faeyad, Noa and Everly navigate a whirlwind of deceptions and secrets while battling against the sinister forces that threaten to destroy Empyriam. When Everly is left without a shred of hope for her own survival, they each must shatter the bounds of their limitations and put the strength of their character to the test.

Can Everly embrace her newfound powers and save the realm? Or will Empyriam be forever marred by darkness and destruction?

THE EMPYRIAM CHRONICLES, complete at 86,000 words, is the first book in a planned series for YA fantasy enthusiasts. At the forefront of this compelling story, the past and present collide and the mysteries of Empyriam begin to unravel, transporting both the reader and the characters into a world of magickal intrigue and adventure.

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