Alice and The Mushroom Shop

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Alice and The Mushroom Shop

Post by aldernans » July 16th, 2021, 11:03 am

Dear Agent,

Please consider my YA Fantasy novel, Alice and the Mushroom Shop finished at 63,000 words. 15-year-old Alice Dale wants his family back together, the love of a girl named Dan, and his best friend alive. Unfortunately Alice’s sister is in an insane asylum, his dad is a drug-addict, his mother and the girl of his dreams hardly notices him and his best friend died in a drug raid.

Furious at fate’s hand, Alice makes some bad choices. His temper puts a local bully in the hospital, and his curiosity for drugs leads him to take psychedelic mushrooms from The Mushroom Shop, an enterprise Alice’s dad came up with for selling drugs under the guise of selling clay mushrooms.

Under a cloud of mushroom power, Alice jumps in a hole following not a rabbit, but a mushroom guy who calls himself, Sheriff Budaroo. At landing, Alice finds himself in a place called, “The Land that Moves Backwards”. With the aid of a mosquito and a dose of something that tastes like prune juice, Alice can move forward to save his dad, win the heart of the girl he loves and possibly get over the tragic death of his best friend.

Blocking his path is a wolf, a talking golden trout, and most importantly - The Queen of Shadows. In order to have what he wants, Alice needs to defeat the Queen, fight a wolf, and not let a philosophical trout confuse him. Moreover, Alice will have to forgive and remember how to love to get his family back, the girl of his dreams and closure at the loss of a friend. If he doesn’t, he not only loses the girl, his family, but he will lose his life.

Fans of Holly Black’s THE CRUEL PRINCE will enjoy ALICE AND THE MUSHROOM SHOP because this is a story that begins in bloodshed but ends in love and forgiveness. Alice’s story is also one like DORTHY MUST DIE by Danielle Paige because like Amy, Alice’s choices are based on the fate he has been given.

The manuscript is available upon request.

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