Bridging a gap

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Bridging a gap

Postby WHJohnston » 09 Dec 2014, 11:26

Hello everyone,

This sort of straddles the self-publishing query area, so I am hoping to get some ideas.

A while back I attended a few writers conferences who touted the importance of blogging and self publishing to market a book and show that you were ready to get an agent. "Agents will see that you are serious and will be more likely to pick up your book" I was told.

I took it seriously, after all I also wanted to have a hard copy of my book, to have a cover, to get a review on Goodreads and/or Kirkus (which I did). I got a nice little review and thought, "ok now I have something to present." I had my list of agents. I wrote a query, then as I was prepared to send it off I had to stop.

"Dont Query if you've self published unless you've sold 10,000 books."

I hadn't even considered this. As I read, and I saw more, my heart started to sink. A bunch of writers and agents all agreed that "Self publishing was query death." Most said abandon your project, write something else, query that. Others said the opposite, so there was no clear cut answer. For some it worked, for others it didnt, it was all relative.

I wondered if any of you knew about this or had suggestions? Should I take the book down completely and query it? Is the damage already done? Its a solid little novel I think, and I want it to shine and have its best chance. That's why I did all this, but I can't help but feel I shot myself in the foot just following what i was told to do.

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Re: Bridging a gap

Postby karasmith » 06 Jan 2017, 04:10

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