Contest ideas?

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Nathan Bransford
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Contest ideas?

Postby Nathan Bransford » 01 Apr 2010, 13:18

Hey everyone, I'm thinking of having a contest on the blog in the coming weeks, and while I have some ideas I'm kicking around I thought I'd see what people here would like to see. While I won't be able to use every idea, if I go with yours I will give you full 100% credit!

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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby Josin » 01 Apr 2010, 13:32

Flash fiction from a writing prompt?

Harper Karcz
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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby Harper Karcz » 01 Apr 2010, 13:44

A short story of 100 words or less, which must incorporate 5 wacky keywords of your choosing.
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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby shadow » 01 Apr 2010, 13:54

Opening sentence hook contest.
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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby otherside89girl » 01 Apr 2010, 16:03

Main character name! haha.

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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby Erica75 » 01 Apr 2010, 16:30

One sentence: Why is your book important?

Or, one sentence: Why should I buy your book?
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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby Quill » 01 Apr 2010, 17:07

Best 25 word logline, humorous or otherwise.

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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby lightelement94 » 01 Apr 2010, 17:39

Steal NPR's Three Minute Fiction contest (300 word or less short story based on a photograph they supply). Or else, er...

Best pseudonym?
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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby abc » 01 Apr 2010, 17:43

I'm with Josin on doing another writing prompt. That contest (teen diary) was definitely the most fun. Specific ideas might be: a letter from OR to your long lost sea captain dad (inspired by my current reading of Pippi Longstocking to my daughter); a description of a haunted house (inspired by House of Leaves. Sorta); write about being in an amazing moment (or seeing something amazing) while also describing a memory IN CHARACTER (e.g. 17 year old Greg is riding on a roller coaster but remembering the time his older brother accidentally killed his pet bird--but, you know, better and cooler) (inspired by Hollis Frampton's very awesome experimental short film Nostalgia).

Another idea, we could pitch for a book that's not ours and is already published.

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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby Jaime » 01 Apr 2010, 22:10

Who can come up with the best faux book title?

Something that would make you want to buy the book without reading the blurb :)

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Colonel Travis
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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby Colonel Travis » 01 Apr 2010, 23:31

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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby BlancheKing » 01 Apr 2010, 23:35

How about:

"Pick a famous work of literature and write a (insert number here) word parody of it."

Something like "Harry Potter and the One Night Stand"
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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby charlotte49ers » 02 Apr 2010, 14:05

elevator pitches
opening line (or opening hook for a query letter)
some sorta prompt (the teen diary entry was so much fun!)

And yay for more contests. I love 'em!

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Matthew MacNish
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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby Matthew MacNish » 02 Apr 2010, 14:12

Best line/paragraph of dialogue from a colorful character?

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Re: Contest ideas?

Postby emptyrefrigerator » 02 Apr 2010, 14:42

Most hookable first word. Or first letter of first word.

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