"Bookify" - A Good Idea?

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Neil Vogler
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"Bookify" - A Good Idea?

Postby Neil Vogler » 31 Dec 2009, 06:32

Hi all

Saw this on the Guardian's website re: Bookify. A VERY good idea, if you ask me, and a great potential revenue source for publishers and authors:


What says the Bransfordsphere?


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Re: "Bookify" - A Good Idea?

Postby askmonkey » 07 Jan 2010, 16:30

I think it's a great idea too. When I got my kindle 2 last year, the first thing I thought was...why is there no social networking aspect? A way to let other know what you're reading on your device, what you've enjoyed, what you didn't like. A "playlist" kind of thing is a similar idea, but introduces a way for the bookstores to cash in.

It also kind of reminds me of the whole reasoning behind an anthology of short stories, only on a larger scale.

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