"Inside the Secret World of Literary Scouts"

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"Inside the Secret World of Literary Scouts"

Postby jjochwat » 14 Dec 2009, 10:57

Wow. I've been reading agents' and editors' blogs for a few years now, and not stumbled across anything on this topic -- until now.

A woman named Emily Williams (herself a former scout) explains the whole schmear. And this is only the first part! Two more (on the current scene, and why it's so hard to sell translations to US publishers) are coming, too.


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Re: "Inside the Secret World of Literary Scouts"

Postby Mira » 15 Dec 2009, 08:03

That's a really interesting article! I didn't know there was such a thing as a literary scout. Thanks for posting it - good to know.

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Nathan Bransford
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Re: "Inside the Secret World of Literary Scouts"

Postby Nathan Bransford » 15 Dec 2009, 16:48

Very, very informative article - one of the best I've seen recently. Thanks for sharing!

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Re: "Inside the Secret World of Literary Scouts"

Postby beacon22 » 20 Jan 2010, 07:11

Great article! My agent used to be a Literary Scout, and I'm amazed by how much she knows about books. It seems like a really interesting job for someone who loves books.
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