Great Gatsby Mansion to be Razed

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Great Gatsby Mansion to be Razed

Postby sierramcconnell » 09 Mar 2011, 15:12 ... razed.html

I figured since so many people here liked the book, it would be an interest to them.
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Nathan Bransford
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Re: Great Gatsby Mansion to be Razed

Postby Nathan Bransford » 15 Mar 2011, 20:45

I think Fitzgerald probably would have seen the irony in that.

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Re: Great Gatsby Mansion to be Razed

Postby Simon » 18 Mar 2011, 07:58

In case it makes anyone feel better, it's worth noting that although this mansion apparently will not survive, there are many other mansions on Long Island's so-called Gold Coast that are both astonishingly grand and open to the public, and which were inhabited by the same crowd that Gatsby would have been a part of. So the physical remnants of Fitzgerald's inspiration aren't entirely lost. There are several great books about these places -- both the ones that are still around and the ones that didn't survive -- that are full of strange tales about the extremely wealthy and often eccentric people who lived there.

I posted some pictures from my visits in these two blog posts (in case anyone is interested!):
Planting Fields Arboretum & Coe Hall: ... -hall.html
Old Westbury Gardens: ... rdens.html

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