Tumblr vs. Blogger

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Tumblr vs. Blogger

Postby Leonidas » 29 May 2012, 17:29

Wow, it's been forever since I've been on these forums.

To cut to the point of this post before I start rambling about how much I want to get back into writing and reading: I want to start a blog. I want to start a book review, talking-about-books, talking-about-writing, blog. I've used both tumblr and blogger in the past, and I've liked (and disliked) both of them for separate reasons. I'd like to think that I'd eventually have a small audience on this blog (one can hope, right?), and I'm at a dilemma: I don't know which medium I should use. Do you guys have preferences? If you do, why?

I've heard of Wordpress, and I've followed Wordpress blogs before, but I'm the least familiar with Wordpress out of the three. If you really have an opinion on Wordpress, feel free to let me know here, too -- I'm open to anything and everything.

Amanda Elizabeth
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Re: Tumblr vs. Blogger

Postby Amanda Elizabeth » 30 May 2012, 01:09

I find tumblr has a very specific niche market because it's a microblog and more of a "community" and you're very limited unless you know code really well. I've never used Blogger -- I've been a loyal WordPress user for years and years now. Now in fairness, I've hosted my own WP blogs myself with my own domains and never used wordpress.com before. Either way, WP's backend has many more options(tools, widgets etc) but is also more complex than blogger, which is not necessary for everyone. This is a decent article comparing blogger and wp:
http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/ ... _WordPress

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Re: Tumblr vs. Blogger

Postby Sleeping Beauty » 03 Jun 2012, 04:13

I loooooooove Tumblr. In my experience, it's a really fun way to waste time - but, like you said, it's got a real community vibe. I use it because I like to post pictures and videos and news stories as well as stuff about writing and reading and my own novel. I like the mixed-media aspect of it. And I also think it's easier to get your tumblr followed than get your blog read, if only because following other Tumblrs gives yours a real visibility. Also, I think it's easier to keep up with other writers' post when it's just mixed into my dashboard. Easier than taking the time to look up a wordpress or blogger site, anyway.

Just my two cents!

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Re: Tumblr vs. Blogger

Postby Mira » 04 Jun 2012, 15:27

Well, I think Sleeping Beauty knows alot more about Tumblr than I do, but I think a blog might do better on either Blogger or Wordpress, if you're looking for a wider audience....

Tumblr is younger and feels more specialized. Alot of folks don't know about it. Some aren't comfortable with the interface, it's not as intuitive as a blog.

In terms of Blogger vs. Wordpress, alot of people perfer Word press, because it's more customizable(although more tecnical) and people can reply more easily to each other.

Personally, I like Blogger because it's easier. More accessible and easier to set up. I find it easier to navigate. But that's just me.

You could visit some WordPress blogs, and see what you think.

Good luck with your decision. :)

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Re: Tumblr vs. Blogger

Postby Emerald_Resonance » 08 Jun 2012, 16:13

I use Blogger for my 'real' blog and Tumblr for fun (aka reblogging), and I would recommend doing it that way. I've noticed in my own Tumblr experience that the setup of the site breeds a mindset of impatience, so that I'm less likely to take the time to read a longer, more thought-provoking post on Tumblr than I am with a post on Blogger. That's probably because I go to those sites with different intentions, but I still think Tumblr has more of the 'oh, shiny!' factor that will draw readers away.

Of course, 'mindset of impatience' is just a longer way of saying 'internet.' It's not like you can avoid that factor altogether, but you can lessen it some.

Sleeping Beauty
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Re: Tumblr vs. Blogger

Postby Sleeping Beauty » 18 Jun 2012, 02:32

Emerald_Resonance wrote:Of course, 'mindset of impatience' is just a longer way of saying 'internet.' It's not like you can avoid that factor altogether, but you can lessen it some.

So true, Emerald!

Leo - here's a link to my tumblog. I don't 'blog'-blog much - most of my posts are, like, pictures of cats and other cute stuff - but you can sort of see how I mix shamless self-promotion and stuff about writing with complete randomness. I've noticed lots of writers of tumblr have two different platforms, but really, it's about whatever works for you!


Also: there's lots of brilliant, friendly writers listed on YAHighway's directory!


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Re: Tumblr vs. Blogger

Postby delorfinde » 18 Jun 2012, 08:54

Personally, Tumblr is awesome for wasting your life reblogging pictures of Tom Hiddleston (wasting? Pffft) but I wouldn't use it for a blog myself, not least because it's blocked in many schools and workplaces and so people who want to read your blog during their lunch hour won't be able to. (I have a friend at boarding school who can't get onto my Tumblr at all except during the holidays. It's very sad.)

I've got a Blogger blog and a WordPress blog and I prefer WordPress a thousand times. The stats are more comprehensive, I find I get more hits from search engines, it's easier to follow up comments as notifications when people reply to yours come up in the corner of the screen etc... However, Blogger is in some ways more customizable - you can change individual colours and fonts if you don't want to change the whole theme which you can't do with WordPress.
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Re: Tumblr vs. Blogger

Postby parker102 » 03 Sep 2012, 09:54

Tumblr is good. i am not saying WordPress and Blog-spot are bad. but i have been usingTumblr and i find it easy with it.

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